Snugglepot & Cuddlepie The Musical – In Concert (Peter Combe)
Released on 9 December 2016
℗ 2016 Peter Combe Music Pty Ltd
Snugglepot & Cuddlepie The Musical – In Concert
Peter Combe
  • Tracks
    1Dawn Breaks in the Bush02:29$1.54 Buy
    2Here Begins Our Story03:11$1.54 Buy
    3The Quest00:30$1.54 Buy
    4The Banksia Men02:24$1.54 Buy
    5Mr Lizard Joins In00:28$1.54 Buy
    6Ragtime Band01:58$1.54 Buy
    7Snugglepot Meets a Blossom00:46$1.54 Buy
    8Little Ragged Blossom02:15$1.54 Buy
    9A Perfect Plan00:42$1.54 Buy
    10Mr Lizard's Anguish00:34$1.54 Buy
    11Aboard the Snag02:22$1.54 Buy
    12The Plot01:04$1.54 Buy
    13The Storm01:00$1.54 Buy
    14It's a Rat!00:31$1.54 Buy
    15Winky's Story02:20$1.54 Buy
    16In the City00:33$1.54 Buy
    17Big Bad City02:30$1.54 Buy
    18Mrs Koala's Party00:57$1.54 Buy
    19Frogs' Pianola02:01$1.54 Buy
    20Possum in a Trap01:05$1.54 Buy
    21Save me, Set me Free02:38$1.54 Buy
    22That Human was Kind00:29$1.54 Buy
    23Is this the end of the Adventure?01:56$1.54 Buy
    24Drop and Drown 'em01:11$1.54 Buy
    25We are Falling, Falling02:58$1.54 Buy
    26Doo Doo One00:30$1.54 Buy
    27The Fish Folks' Ball03:30$1.54 Buy
    28Obelia, Queen of us All01:37$1.54 Buy
    29Obelia's Story02:26$1.54 Buy
    30John Dory, Greedy and Gory00:25$1.54 Buy
    31Love Song04:01$1.54 Buy
    32Doo Doo Two00:31$1.54 Buy
    33Obelia's Vision01:30$1.54 Buy
    34Cuddlepie's Mission to the Bottomless Sea03:51$1.54 Buy
    35After the Great Seaquake03:33$1.54 Buy
    36Night Falls00:31$1.54 Buy
    37Trapped in a Jar02:52$1.54 Buy
    38Bush Symphony04:01$1.54 Buy
    39Curtain Calls01:00$1.54 Buy
    40Reprise02:56$1.54 Buy

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