Wake Up It's Christmas Backing Tracks (Peter Combe)
Released on 14 November 2013
℗ 2013 Peter Combe
Wake Up It's Christmas Backing Tracks
Peter Combe
  • Tracks
    1Wake Up It's Christmas (Backing Track)03:39$1.54 Buy
    2No Room (Backing Track)03:01$1.54 Buy
    3Kangaroo Hop (Backing Track)02:30$1.54 Buy
    4Christmas Day Has Come Again (Backing Track)02:26$1.54 Buy
    5Ticketty Boo (Backing Track)02:52$1.54 Buy
    6Miracle (Backing Track)05:22$1.54 Buy
    7A Very Silly Christmas Song (Backing Track)02:08$1.54 Buy
    8Wake Up Sleepyhead (Backing Track)02:31$1.54 Buy
    9So Far Away (Backing Track)04:05$1.54 Buy
    10The Wind Is For Blowing (Backing Track)01:21$1.54 Buy
    11Wassail (Backing Track)02:56$1.54 Buy
    12Down In The South Lullaby (Backing Track)02:56$1.54 Buy
    13Good King Wenceslas (traditional) (Backing Track)03:37$1.54 Buy
    14It's Christmas Again (Backing Track)03:30$1.54 Buy

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