Quirky Berserky The Turkey From Turkey (Peter Combe)
Released on 12 November 2013
℗ 2012 Peter Combe Music P/L
Quirky Berserky The Turkey From Turkey
Peter Combe
  • Tracks
    1Quirky Berserky 04:02$1.54 Buy
    2Nod When It's Yes01:25$1.54 Buy
    3Sing It Sing It02:52$1.54 Buy
    4Red Says Stop00:36$1.54 Buy
    5Some People 03:17$1.54 Buy
    6Up Up Up into the Sky 01:16$1.54 Buy
    7Bluegrass Ifs 00:56$1.54 Buy
    8The Song About Captain Cook 03:11$1.54 Buy
    9Rock Scissors Paper02:44$1.54 Buy
    10Never No Never No Never 02:40$1.54 Buy
    11I Heard There Were Fairies 03:05$1.54 Buy
    12Welcome to the Autumn 02:33$1.54 Buy
    13Not Zee (Grandissimo) 00:57$1.54 Buy
    14Rock this little Baby 03:31$1.54 Buy
    15Not Zee (Stringissimo) 00:47$1.54 Buy
    16Pinocchio's Nose 03:21$1.54 Buy
    17Not Zee (Vocalissimo) 01:25$1.54 Buy
    18You Like the Blue Sky and I like the Grey 03:20$1.54 Buy
    19The Emperor's New Clothes 05:04$1.54 Buy
    20Magic Carpet 123 02:52$1.54 Buy
    21A Brussel Sprout 01:08$1.54 Buy
    22Standing in the Shower 02:45$1.54 Buy
    23Cooking with Jeffrey Hill 05:02$1.54 Buy
    24Mildred Finds the Juicy Juicy Green Grass 06:58$1.54 Buy
    25The Dreaded Chopsticks Curse 11:02$1.54 Buy
    26Red Says Stop (just Oli)01:00$1.54 Buy

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